Event preview: Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit


Gregg Housh

Event preview: Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit

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Looking forward to the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit in Los Angeles from June 26 to 28, Gregg Housh discusses the main issues to be covered, including strategies for fighting content infringement online.

The eighth annual IQPC Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit will bring together industry experts who have fallen victim to content theft, who have developed and implemented techniques for combating content theft, and who are leading the way to put an end to it.

The summit will feature an in-depth focus on blockchain and bitcoin technologies, provide a new insight into e-book piracy, and concentrate on cybersecurity and its impact on the content protection industry.

Piracy is impacting thousands of people and businesses worldwide.

Beyond the loss of money that companies are facing lies the loss of jobs and the increasing choice of providers to work on projects that put companies at less financial risk if their content does become pirated.

The summit will help companies to become proactive instead of reactive, and will highlight the best practices to protect content against theft and make sure the pirates do not win.

This year has already seen many of instances of ‘nano-piracy’, from sporting events to live music and entertainment. Dylan Budd, associate general counsel of Ultimate Fighting Championship, will discuss the need for take-down systems for illegal live streams and collaboration to thwart piracy.

Attendees will learn how to battle rapidly evolving piracy methodologies and see where their company should be investing money based on these needs.

The publishing world is bearing witness to a seismic rise in online piracy, so it has begun to look to its counterparts in other media to learn from their achievements. 

Richard Nash, digital media consultant at Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation, will outline solutions that other industries have employed and discuss subscriptions to cloud-based solutions as a potential answer to widespread piracy.

Tom Nolan, senior counsel of content protection at the Motion Picture Association of America, will provide a regulatory roundup, outlining the complex relationship between regulations and content protection.

Also on the regulatory front, Mike Weatherley, vice chairman of the Motion Picture License Corporation, will co-lead a workshop on legislative and regulatory developments focusing on tackling piracy.

Other sessions will consider the mounting security concerns for media companies and service providers, and how to evaluate cybersecurity readiness and technology.

Blockchain technology has been embraced by the music industry, but its benefits and applicability can be enjoyed by all channels of media to combat piracy. A session led by Eric Diehl, vice president of media and content security at Sony Pictures Entertainment, will contemplate whether there is a reliable use for the technology across the industries touched by piracy and content infringement.

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