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The ultimate in influencer marketing: TV product placement


Subtle—or more obvious—product placement can be an effective promotional tool, says Canadian branding and fashion lawyer Ashlee Froese.

Case review: Starbucks (HK) v Sky

UK20-05-2015Jeremy Blum and Flora Greenwood

To establish goodwill for a trademark, it is vital to show that the product or service is provided to consumers in the UK and is not simply intended as advertising for a product or service provided elsewhere, as proven by the UK Supreme Court's recent judgment in Starbucks (HK) v Sky. Jeremy Blum and Flora Greenwood of Bristows discuss the case.

On the political campaign trail

UK, US17-04-2015

When it comes to the crunch, the First Amendment is all about content and if it's more political than commercial then a passing off claim goes out of the window, as TBO reports.

Jade Johnson interview: an athlete’s take on rule 40


With the IOC set to review some of its rules on advertising around the Olympic Games, TBO spoke to British long jumper Jade Johnson about the interplay between the rights of sponsors and athletes.

Olympic Rights: Preventing an ambush


The IOC has a chance to come up with new advertising rules to address the grey area of official commercial sponsors’ and athletes’ rights during Rio 2016. TBO reports.

Social media: first and funniest wins

Brazil, UK, US01-10-2014

Social media give companies an easy way of reaching legions of customers in a focused way. But what are the IP pitfalls for using this method of marketing, and can it ever rival traditional advertising? TBO investigates.

Online advertising: driving sales

Italy, UK, US01-10-2014

Promercials, ad exchanges and mini brand experiences are all part of the online advertising mix for Fiat. TBO reports on the car maker’s strategy.

Ambush marketing: a losing battle

Brazil, UK25-07-2014Dan Smith

Research suggests that seven out of ten of the most shared ‘World Cup’ adverts were for brands with no official relationship with the competition. So is the campaign against ambush marketing lost, at least when it comes to digital media? And what might that mean for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games? Dan Smith investigates.

Highlights from INTA in Hong Kong


Pinterest, CBS and Visa International were just some of the companies providing advice on brand promotion and protection at the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting in Hong Kong. TBO reports on the event, which ran from May 10 to 14.

How to use keywords in Russia

Russia23-05-2014Igor Motsnyi

For the first time Russian courts have clarified that using a trademark as an advertising keyword can constitute IP infringement. Igor Motsnyi provides an update on the case and predicts its implications.

Showing 1 to 10 of 15 results

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