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The new IP protection challenges facing brands online

International09-10-2019Tosshan Ramgolam

Protecting your brand online is becoming increasingly difficult and a protection strategy is a necessity in the digital age, says Tosshan Ramgolam of Incopro.

Open to attack: why poor domain management poses a growing threat to IP

International11-09-2019Stu Homan

Robust domain protection should be an essential part of any international organisation’s day-to-day operations, says Stu Homan of MarkMonitor.

Brand protection and blockchain: the .luxe sunrise

01-10-2018Sheri Falcon

With the sunrise period for the .luxe domain soon coming to an end, Sheri Falcon of Minds + Machines Group discusses efforts to bridge potentially obscure cryptocurrency activities happening on the dark web with the regulated surface web.

Domain name management: five guiding principles

US04-09-2018Elisa Cooper

While there is no one ‘right way’ to manage domain name portfolios, domain professionals should consider these five guiding principles in determining what is best for their companies, says Elisa Cooper of Brandsight.

Counterfeit: No harm, no foul … or is there?


Nick Court of the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit discusses the need to publicise the real harm caused by IP infringement to members of the public.

Canada’s imminent trademark law changes attract brand trolls


Canada has decided to become fully integrated with the international trademark regime, but trolls are already taking advantage of the rule changes, writes Ashlee Froese of Froese Law.

Instagram assists with weeding out fake influencers

International16-05-2018Ashlee Froese

Some unscrupulous influencers have faked their social media followings to give the appearance of being a legitimate marketing platform for third party brands, yet it’s all smoke and mirrors, warns Ashlee Froese of Froese Law.

Cannabis in Canada: the lowdown on branding


The Cannabis Act contains restrictions on how a cannabis product or service can be marketed in Canada. Ashlee Froese of Froese Law spells out some of the rules for brand owners.

Protecting reputations: using blockchain to mitigate the scourge of counterfeit goods

International28-02-2018Chris Painter

Rather than discarding the very systems that have accelerated their digital transformation, companies can implement blockchain technology to provide an audit trail and fight fakes, says Chris Painter of Omnitude.

Out in the open: battling counterfeiters in the social media landscape


Social media presents brands with great opportunities, but if they want to fully realise the benefits they need to take care of the obvious, such as their own social media accounts, as Chrissie Jamieson of MarkMonitor explains.

Showing 1 to 10 of 337 results

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