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Protecting reputations: using blockchain to mitigate the scourge of counterfeit goods

International28-02-2018Chris Painter

Rather than discarding the very systems that have accelerated their digital transformation, companies can implement blockchain technology to provide an audit trail and fight fakes, says Chris Painter of Omnitude.

Out in the open: battling counterfeiters in the social media landscape


Social media presents brands with great opportunities, but if they want to fully realise the benefits they need to take care of the obvious, such as their own social media accounts, as Chrissie Jamieson of MarkMonitor explains.

GS Media: where are we now?


The judgment of the CJEU in GS Media in September 2016 caused a significant debate among those with an interest in copyright law and had wide-ranging consequences for virtually all website operators (whether they know it or not). William Smith of Bird & Bird reports.

The ultimate in influencer marketing: TV product placement


Subtle—or more obvious—product placement can be an effective promotional tool, says Canadian branding and fashion lawyer Ashlee Froese.

Broadcasting with caution

UK08-11-2017Carissa Kendall-Windless

UK football authorities and broadcasters are increasingly teaming up to prosecute illegal broadcasters, as Carissa Kendall-Windless of EIP explains.

A fresh look at domain name management

International25-10-2017Matt Serlin

Several factors should be addressed when companies are considering whether to change the way they manage their domain name portfolios, says Matt Serlin of corporate domain name registrar Brandsight.

Domain name cybersquatting: the rise of fast flux DNS


Steven Levy, president of the Accent Law Group, takes a look at new threats facing internet users and brand owners seeking to protect their rights.

Underestimating the UDRP: even IP law firms sometimes do it

International27-06-2017Steven Levy

Steven Levy, president of the Accent Law Group, takes a look at common mistakes made by IP lawyers when filing UDRP complaints.

Event preview: Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit

US23-06-2017Gregg Housh

Looking forward to the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit in Los Angeles from June 26 to 28, Gregg Housh discusses the main issues to be covered, including strategies for fighting content infringement online.

Fair use: has the defence gone up in smoke?

International25-04-2017Steven Levy

Steven Levy, president of the Accent Law Group, takes a look at the fair use of trademarks in domain names and whether a series of UDRP decisions calls that principle into doubt.

Showing 1 to 10 of 329 results

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