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Deloitte: clearing the road to the Trademark Clearinghouse

01-08-2013Vicky Folens

Vicky Folens, senior manager at Deloitte, helps trademark owners get to grips with recording marks in the system.

New gTLDs - the summer of discontent

01-08-2013Stuart Fuller

Some brands are still unprepared for the launch of new generic top-level domains. Stuart Fuller highlights why now is the time to act.

A one man band: protecting the Zippo brand


As general counsel at Zippo, Jeff Duke is in charge of a huge budget for protecting the lighter maker’s trademarks. WIPR finds out more about his work and why he applied for a new gTLD.

Domain name dispute resolution: an Indian perspective


In the context of ever-increasing premiums for important domain names, the differences between the Indian dispute resolution policy and international norms are a cause for concern, as Pravin Anand and Raunaq Kamath explain.

Showing 101 to 104 of 104 results

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