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Suck it up: why brands can benefit from the .sucks TLD

International24-06-2015John Berard

Quite possibly the most controversial TLD ever to have launched, .sucks is now on general sale. John Berard, chief executive of Vox Populi, the registry behind the contentious domain, gives his side of the story and explains why brands can benefit from a .sucks web address.

ICANN: life after Fadi Chehadé

International10-06-2015Greg Shatan

With so much going on at ICANN, the resignation of chief executive Fadi Chehadé couldn’t have come at a trickier time. Greg Shatan, president of the IP constituency at the organisation, ponders who might step up to the plate and discusses the task he or she faces.

Defensive domain name registrations: should brands be sucked in?

International12-05-2015Antony Gold and Lauren Somers

Mobile apps are changing consumers’ relationships with domain names, which could reduce the need for brands to register generic top-level-domains defensively, say Antony Gold and Lauren Somers of patent and trademark attorney firm HGF.

It sucks to be a brand


The .sucks domain has caused controversy among some brand owners due to its pricing structure, but the registry maintains it has done nothing wrong. TBO finds out more.

Rising to the new gTLD challenge

International29-04-2015Samantha Demetriou

The coming months will show how brands rise to the challenges and opportunities of an internet audience that is still relatively uninformed about the new gTLD programme, says Samantha Demetriou of domain name strategy consultancy FairWinds Partners.

Advertorial feature: Taking care of business online

International17-04-2015Andreas Soll

Monitoring services are the starting point for effective action against the abuse of brand names on the internet, says Andreas Soll of Key-Systems.

New gTLDs: Let’s be adult about porn

International17-04-2015Stuart Fuller

The launch of two new suffixes—.porn and .adult—will certainly get people talking and we can expect some out-of-the-box thinkers to bring some interesting new twists on the terms. Stuart Fuller of NetNames explains.

On the political campaign trail

UK, US17-04-2015

When it comes to the crunch, the First Amendment is all about content and if it's more political than commercial then a passing off claim goes out of the window, as TBO reports.

How to tackle brandjacking

International17-04-2015Elisa Cooper

Brands need to recognise and respond to the increasing sophistication of the rogue trader’s mind. Elisa Cooper of MarkMonitor outlines some important tips.

Brand protection online: what you need to know

International15-04-2015Nick Wenban-Smith

The online world is rife with problems, meaning brand owners should monitor any potential dangers in order to protect their identity says Nick Wenban-Smith of Nominet.

Showing 41 to 50 of 104 results

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