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Cybersquatting: how to win a URS dispute

US27-06-2014David Weslow

The URS allows trademark owners to quickly tackle clear-cut cases of cybersquatting, but its high burden of proof is just one hurdle to overcome. David Weslow explains what we can learn from some of the early cases.

Rogue traders

Brazil03-06-2014Stuart Fuller

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is set to attract more than one million football fans this summer, but they must be wary of being duped by websites selling fake tickets, as Stuart Fuller explains.

How to use keywords in Russia

Russia23-05-2014Igor Motsnyi

For the first time Russian courts have clarified that using a trademark as an advertising keyword can constitute IP infringement. Igor Motsnyi provides an update on the case and predicts its implications.

Brands in the palm of your hand

01-05-2014Stuart Fuller

Domain names have never been as important as they are today, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Right first time

01-05-2014Lieve De Kinder and Bart Mortelmans

Registering trademarks in the TMCH is an important opening move for companies towards protecting their brand. TBO spoke to Belgian TMCH agent about how it can help.

ICANN in Singapore

Singapore01-05-2014Petter Rindforth

Nearly 2,000 people from around 150 countries participated in ICANN’s 49th public meeting in Singapore, from March 23 to 27. Petter Rindforth reports on the highlights.

The best way to fight


As the number of web addresses rises and online brand protection costs increase, cultivating a cost-effective strategy for handling domain name disputes becomes essential. Don Moody and Khurram Nizami of New gTLD Disputes, a domain dispute outsourcing provider, answers TBO’s questions on the current state of dispute resolution.

Is the domain name industry ready for radical inovation?

01-05-2014Andy Churley

Encouraging novelty is one of the driving forces behind the new gTLD programme, but that doesn’t mean the domain industry is ready for dramatic change just yet. Andy Churley investigates.

Empowering Africa

South Africa01-05-2014Neil Dundas

The .africa TLD presents a host of opportunities for the private and public sectors to participate in and celebrate Africa’s online growth, says Neil Dundas.

Filling the NTIA void

EU, US01-05-2014Flip Petillion

With the US government intending to transfer its control over the domain name system to the ‘global multi-stakeholder community’, ICANN may become even more powerful. But with increased power comes greater responsibility, as Flip Petillion explains.

Showing 71 to 80 of 104 results

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