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Legal update: blocked in Russia

Russia02-03-2016Igor Motsnyi

One of the largest torrent websites in Russia has been permanently blocked, but will it solve the problem of online piracy? Igor Motsnyi, partner at Motsnyi Legal Services, reports.

The dangers of illegal streaming

International24-02-2016Stuart Fuller

A live television broadcast can easily be captured illegally and distributed across the internet, and this holds perils for viewers as well as rights owners, says Stuart Fuller, director of communications at NetNames.

Online copyright: will clarity come from the CJEU?

EU, Netherlands17-02-2016Adam Rendle and Maarten Rijks

Two cases from the Netherlands which highlight the contentious area of online copyright infringement through hyperlinking and streaming have gone before the CJEU for consideration. Adam Rendle and Maarten Rijks of law firm Taylor Wessing examine the background.

Why hating the DMCA is a bad idea

US03-02-2016Paul Fakler

Trying to beat the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a losing game, as the BMG v Cox Communications judgment proved. Paul Fakler, partner at Arent Fox, explains.

The web of deceit: how we can combat online IP crime

International13-01-2016John Anderson

There are various avenues for brand owners to tackle the issue of online fraud in an attempt to make national and international legal regulation of internet commerce more effective, as John Anderson of the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Groups Network describes.

Best year yet for ‘dot brands’

International22-12-2015Samantha Demetriou

Many more noteworthy brands across different industries have introduced their new domain name extensions in the past year. Samantha Demetriou of FairWinds Partners reports.

How do pirates really think?

International, US18-11-2015

A chance encounter with an illegal downloader provided food for thought on the attitudes of some pirates. Liam Maddock, director of operations at anti-piracy service DMCA Force, tells TBO what he learned from their conversation.

Google Books: the act of transformation


The Google Books copyright infringement case yielded a surprising result and all eyes are now on the Supreme Court, says Hillel Parness of Parness Law Firm.

The dancing baby: three things you need to know

US21-10-2015J. Michael Keyes

The decision in Lenz v Universal partly hinged on whether copyright owners need to demonstrate a ‘good faith belief’ that use of their material is infringing. J. Michael Keyes of Dorsey & Whitney examines the implications.

The joke’s on you

International, US05-08-2015

After a US comedian recently sued TV host Conan O’Brien for allegedly copying his jokes that were posted on Twitter, TBO considers whether such funny remarks can be protected by copyright and how protection might be enforced on social media.

Showing 11 to 20 of 48 results

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