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Creative Content UK: education, education, education


In July the UK government announced it was going to start sending warnings to internet users who persistently download content illegally. TBO assesses the government's plan and whether it will have the desired effect.

Lexi Alexander interview: winning back the cynical


Downloaders of unauthorised movies might not all be the criminals and rogues the film companies and IP professionals portray them as, Lexi Alexander tells TBO.

Music copyright: keeping in tune

UK, US22-08-2014John Illsley

Musicians, publishers, websites and internet users all need to stay up to speed with issues of copyright protection, says John Illsley.

Protecting the virtual bookshelf


E-books give writers the chance to find an audience but also leave them vulnerable to piracy, so publishers are coming up with new strategies to deal with the problem. TBO reports.

Status update: 'feeling copied'

UK, US01-05-2014

Deciding exactly what—and how—IP can be protected on Facebook or Twitter is a big challenge for trademark and copyright owners. TBO reports.

Cloud technology: high in the sky


Cloud-based services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive make it easy to share stored content with internet users all over the world. But this convenience presents opportunities for copyright infringement, whether intentional or unintentional, and who is liable? TBO investigates.

Sharing knowledge lawfully

US01-05-2014Kate Alzapiedi

Staff within many businesses share or reproduce copyrighted material in the course of every working day, unaware that its use is unauthorised. A broad licence is one solution, as Kate Alzapiedi explains.

Streaming ahead in the music industry

United Kingdom01-04-2014

As the way we listen to music undergoes a paradigm shift, TBO examines the viability of streaming services and the impact on copyright owners.

Six seconds of fame


One of the newest social media, Vine allows users to upload a looping six-second video of their choice. TBO assesses the copyright and privacy concerns relating to the service.

Giving creators their fair share


The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers works to ensure the world’s artists and creators get their fair share of royalties. CISAC’s general counsel Gadi Oron tells TBO how it’s done.

Showing 31 to 40 of 48 results

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