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PPL: licensed to listen

UK01-02-2014Peter Leathem

The recorded music licensing landscape has changed considerably since 1934 when the performers’ rights organisation PPL was founded, and copyright law is constantly evolving, as Peter Leathem reports.

Football licensing: a whole new ball game

EU, United Kingdom19-12-2013

Licensing football on television was once a simple task. However, as competition between channels grows, so does the battle for obtaining rights. TB&I looks at the rights industry in Europe.

The new Wild West: apps and infringement


In the rapidly expanding app marketplace, entertainment rights owners are feeling the heat more than ever as they try to control the mobile channel. TB&I investigates some novel ways of combating the bad actors.

13 from 2013: cases of the year


Courts across the world have been busy dealing with some high-profile intellectual property disputes this year. WIPR picks 13 of the most interesting and examines their implications.

Blurring the lines: IP in a virtual world


With the line between reality and online games becoming ever more fluid, new intellectual property challenges present themselves, as TB&I discovers.

TV streaming: can legislation ever keep pace?

UK, US01-09-2013

As the way we watch television changes, legislation that was designed for a pre-Internet world can struggle to keep up. TB&I investigates.

Welcome to the Copyright Hub


The Copyright Hub, a UK government scheme that seeks to simplify the licensing of copyright online, kicked off in July 2013. TB&I spoke to the launch group’s chair, Richard Hooper, to find out how the project will help the creative industry.

UK copyright law: a change for the better?


A number of important alterations to UK copyright law are set come into effect later this year. TB&I investigates what they mean for rights owners.

Showing 41 to 48 of 48 results

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