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The new IP protection challenges facing brands online

International09-10-2019Tosshan Ramgolam

Protecting your brand online is becoming increasingly difficult and a protection strategy is a necessity in the digital age, says Tosshan Ramgolam of Incopro.

Counterfeit: No harm, no foul … or is there?


Nick Court of the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit discusses the need to publicise the real harm caused by IP infringement to members of the public.

Protecting reputations: using blockchain to mitigate the scourge of counterfeit goods

International28-02-2018Chris Painter

Rather than discarding the very systems that have accelerated their digital transformation, companies can implement blockchain technology to provide an audit trail and fight fakes, says Chris Painter of Omnitude.

Out in the open: battling counterfeiters in the social media landscape


Social media presents brands with great opportunities, but if they want to fully realise the benefits they need to take care of the obvious, such as their own social media accounts, as Chrissie Jamieson of MarkMonitor explains.

Birkenstock takes a bold step


From January 2017, the German-based footwear company will no longer supply its products for Amazon to sell online and will not authorise any third party merchants to sell on the marketplace section of the online retailer, says Martin Ochs of Hamlins.

They’re not faking it: China needs cooperation to combat counterfeiting

China01-06-2016Paul Mandell

Social media platforms and brand owners would do well to stop pointing fingers and get involved in reducing the production and sale of counterfeit goods in China themselves, says Paul Mandell of Consero.

The perils of policing online marketplaces

International18-05-2016Oliver Watson

Many large online marketplaces have taken some strides against counterfeiting, but have they gone far enough? Oliver Watson of Lewis Silkin investigates.

Man in the middle: assessing the job for ICANN’s new chief

International27-04-2016Greg Shatan

Göran Marby has been chosen to succeed Fadi Chehadé as the new chief executive of ICANN. Greg Shatan, president of ICANN’s IP Constituency, tells us what Marby can expect.

All together now: ‘block’

International06-04-2016Marc Rachman and Michael Silver

Retail trade associations haven’t yet followed their media brethren into the website blocking game to fight counterfeiters. Marc Rachman and Michael Silver of Davis & Gilbert discuss the reasons.

The web of deceit: how we can combat online IP crime

International13-01-2016John Anderson

There are various avenues for brand owners to tackle the issue of online fraud in an attempt to make national and international legal regulation of internet commerce more effective, as John Anderson of the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Groups Network describes.

Showing 1 to 10 of 38 results

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