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Time to wise up: watch face designs and IP infringement


New technology is almost inevitably followed by new ways to infringe IP rights, and the arrival on the market of ‘smart’ watches is no exception. TBO investigates.

Alibaba and Microsoft: A meeting of minds


In January, Microsoft and Alibaba Group teamed up to tackle counterfeits on the Chinese company’s various platforms. TBO assesses the agreement and asks whether it will result in a significant reduction in fakes.

Seasonal woes for brand owners


Unscrupulous shoppers and brand exploiters are part of a toxic mix that allows the online counterfeit trade to thrive, and to make matters worse, IP laws in different countries are not as flexible as the fakers when it comes to fighting counterfeits. TBO reports.

’Tis the season to be careful


As the big brands wheel out their annual yuletide advertising campaigns, TBO investigates the potential IP pitfalls they may encounter.

Anti-counterfeiting: the buck stops at ISPs


In a landmark decision, Cartier has become the first company to obtain a UK injunction against ISPs based on trademark infringement grounds. TBO reports.

Branding headaches for alcohol manufacturers

UK, US23-10-2014

The internet presents many sophisticated ways for drinks companies to promote their brands but, as TBO finds, there is a fine balancing act between getting good exposure and protecting your IP.

The legality of parallel imports in India

India23-10-2014Safir Anand

Counterfeiting cases are rarely contested in court but the law on the legality of parallel imports is ambiguous and hotly contested in India, as Safir Anand reports.

PIPCU: the IP police


In the UK, a police unit dedicated to tackling IP crime has been making its mark, so TBO visited its headquarters to speak to Andy Fyfe, the recently departed chief, about the unit’s work and what the future holds.

Industry report: safe journeys for apps

UK, US18-09-2014

The mobile app market is growing fast, especially in the travel sector, and the most popular ones will need to be alert to attempts to counterfeit them. TBO reports.

Fake fashion: flattery or theft?

Canada, UK, US27-06-2014

Partnerships between fashion retailers and high-end designers, both online and on the high street, could help eliminate some of the incentive for consumers to buy counterfeit goods, although some in the industry remain sceptical. TBO investigates.

Showing 21 to 30 of 37 results

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