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Fake fashion: flattery or theft?

Canada, UK, US27-06-2014

Partnerships between fashion retailers and high-end designers, both online and on the high street, could help eliminate some of the incentive for consumers to buy counterfeit goods, although some in the industry remain sceptical. TBO investigates.

Should registries be the internet police?

France, UK01-05-2014

If a website is found to infringe a brand owner’s IP rights, how much liability can be laid at the registry’s feet? TBO looks at the interesting situation confronting Nominet, the .uk domain registry.

China: a new landscape on the horizon


Candice Li and Joseph Simone explain some of the implications of the rise of online counterfeiting in China and the new Trademark Law on issues such as enforcement and bad faith registrations.

The duties of online service providers

US27-03-2014Susan Kayser

Is a host or sponsor of online content obliged to police itself to prevent counterfeiting by third parties using its services? If yes, what is the extent of that duty? And how much is enough? Susan Kayser investigates.

The new Wild West: apps and infringement


In the rapidly expanding app marketplace, entertainment rights owners are feeling the heat more than ever as they try to control the mobile channel. TB&I investigates some novel ways of combating the bad actors.

A new frontier: IP in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia01-11-2013

As counterfeiters become ever more sophisticated in their attempts to circumvent the reach of law enforcement authorities, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of efforts to tackle them. WIPR talks to His Excellency Mr Saleh M S AlKhaliwi, director general of Saudi Customs.

Grey areas: fighting Internet fraud in Turkey


The liability of so-called ‘online marketplaces’ for sales of counterfeit products is a contentious area in Turkey, as Riza Cagirgan and Ahmet Akguloglu explain.

Holding the line: effective IP protection in Turkey

Turkey01-04-2013Ayla Oktar and Salih Oktar

Efficient customs actions at Turkish borders play a key role in the global combat against counterfeits in transit, and rights holders have a big part to play. Ayla Oktar and Salih Oktar report.

Showing 31 to 38 of 38 results

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