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Instagram assists with weeding out fake influencers

International16-05-2018Ashlee Froese

Some unscrupulous influencers have faked their social media followings to give the appearance of being a legitimate marketing platform for third party brands, yet it’s all smoke and mirrors, warns Ashlee Froese of Froese Law.

Out in the open: battling counterfeiters in the social media landscape


Social media presents brands with great opportunities, but if they want to fully realise the benefits they need to take care of the obvious, such as their own social media accounts, as Chrissie Jamieson of MarkMonitor explains.

They’re not faking it: China needs cooperation to combat counterfeiting

China01-06-2016Paul Mandell

Social media platforms and brand owners would do well to stop pointing fingers and get involved in reducing the production and sale of counterfeit goods in China themselves, says Paul Mandell of Consero.

The perils of policing online marketplaces

International18-05-2016Oliver Watson

Many large online marketplaces have taken some strides against counterfeiting, but have they gone far enough? Oliver Watson of Lewis Silkin investigates.

It started with a tweet

International11-05-2016Stuart Fuller

Its rise has been phenomenal: if we want to find out about something happening right now, we no longer search on Google, we ask Twitter, and brands need to be aware of its power, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Pitching in to protect sports IP

International20-01-2016Jody MacDonald

Social media platforms have revolutionised the way fans receive sports content, and rights owners need to bring their best game to the task of preventing foul play, says Jody MacDonald, senior associate at specialist sports law firm Couchmans.

Twitter’s balancing act


Twitter has a tough job of protecting IP rights while facilitating open discussion, and this year just 7% of trademark complaints have been upheld. TBO finds out why.

The joke’s on you

International, US05-08-2015

After a US comedian recently sued TV host Conan O’Brien for allegedly copying his jokes that were posted on Twitter, TBO considers whether such funny remarks can be protected by copyright and how protection might be enforced on social media.

The rise of the Instagrammer


Sponsored photographs on Instagram present brands with both opportunities and risks, while unofficial endorsements may also cause them headaches. TBO reports.

On the political campaign trail

UK, US17-04-2015

When it comes to the crunch, the First Amendment is all about content and if it's more political than commercial then a passing off claim goes out of the window, as TBO reports.

Showing 1 to 10 of 31 results

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