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Social media and trademarks: making a hash of it

International, UK31-03-2015George Sevier and Dan Smith

What is the scope for registering social media hashtags as trademarks in Europe, and could trying to control the public’s use of hashtags actually be a bad idea? George Sevier and Dan Smith of law firm Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co take a look.

Sandy Hook: fighting against social media trolls


More than two years after the Sandy Hook tragedy, the family of one of the victims has tried to trademark her name to combat fake social media profiles. But will this strategy work? TBO finds out more.

User-generated content: use your head

International28-01-2015Adam Rendle

Brand owners are increasingly employing user-generated content in their advertising campaigns, but they should behave in a legally responsible way when doing so. Adam Rendle of law firm Taylor Wessing reports.

Viral marketing: out in the cold


An online campaign can take off and be all over the world in a very short time, so what factors should be considered when thinking about protecting IP? TBO investigates.

Wyke Farms: a lasting impression


Making an enduring impression in the notoriously short-lived world of social media is arguably behind the success of Wyke Farms’s now-trademarked ‘Free Cheese Fridays’ campaign. TBO examines the implications for protecting the cheese maker’s IP.

Branding headaches for alcohol manufacturers

UK, US23-10-2014

The internet presents many sophisticated ways for drinks companies to promote their brands but, as TBO finds, there is a fine balancing act between getting good exposure and protecting your IP.

Marques 2014: protecting brands in a digital market

Denmark, UK, US23-10-2014

At the Marques conference in Copenhagen last month, Google, Nestlé and Lego were some of the brands on hand to provide top tips on protecting rights online and on social media. TBO provides a round-up of the best advice.

Online advertising: driving sales

Italy, UK, US01-10-2014

Promercials, ad exchanges and mini brand experiences are all part of the online advertising mix for Fiat. TBO reports on the car maker’s strategy.

Highlights from INTA in Hong Kong


Pinterest, CBS and Visa International were just some of the companies providing advice on brand promotion and protection at the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting in Hong Kong. TBO reports on the event, which ran from May 10 to 14.

Closer control: social media and drugs

US23-05-2014Brett Heavner and Brian Westley

A block on fake profile pages is one of many new proposals for regulating drug companies’ advertising on social media. Brett Heavner and Brian Westley report on the wide-ranging draft rules.

Showing 11 to 20 of 31 results

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