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Status update: 'feeling copied'

UK, US01-05-2014

Deciding exactly what—and how—IP can be protected on Facebook or Twitter is a big challenge for trademark and copyright owners. TBO reports.

Throwing your weight around


‘Trademark bullying’ is a highly evocative and divisive term. TBO examines the concept and discusses what rights owners should do to avoid being branded bullies.

Six seconds of fame


One of the newest social media, Vine allows users to upload a looping six-second video of their choice. TBO assesses the copyright and privacy concerns relating to the service.

Developing a moving target

International19-12-2013Chris Davenport

The integration of on and offline worlds via mobile phones and tablets offers a wonderfully creative future for marketers, says Chris Davenport.

The dos and don’ts of online branding

International19-12-2013Sinéad Gray

While there are some excellent examples of how to market a brand successfully online, businesses using the Internet and social media must be aware of the pitfalls. Sinéad Gray, the social media lead at integrated communications agency Kindred, explains what’s clever and what’s not.

Tis the season: Christmas campaigns

UK, US19-12-2013

The launch of a big name’s Christmas campaign has become an event in itself in recent years. TB&I looks at what they offer for brands, the secrets of their success and the pitfalls.

Conference call Marques: save the best for last


Monte Carlo was the host of this year’s Marques trademark conference. WIPR provides a roundup of some of the biggest talking points.

Multiple threats: IP on the Internet

International01-09-2013Safir Anand

Companies and individuals operating online need to be wary of a multitude of possible problems, as Safir Anand describes.

Fighting fires: online brand management

UK, US01-04-2013

Good crisis management should form a key part of any online branding strategy. TB&I looks at the lessons to be learned from some of 2012’s most high profile PR disasters.

Getting engaged: success stories from the social media front lines


From Nike’s Olympic efforts to Coca-Cola’s Facebook makeover, TB&I looks at some of 2012’s most creative online marketing campaigns.

Showing 21 to 30 of 31 results

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