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Online dispute resolution: A radical solution

EU, UK17-04-2015Gareth Dickson

By 2017 there should be a new online dispute resolution court, called Her Majesty’s Online Court, so that many parties currently unable to use the small claims track can gain access to justice, as Gareth Dickson of Cooley explains.

On the political campaign trail

UK, US17-04-2015

When it comes to the crunch, the First Amendment is all about content and if it's more political than commercial then a passing off claim goes out of the window, as TBO reports.

Jade Johnson interview: an athlete’s take on rule 40


With the IOC set to review some of its rules on advertising around the Olympic Games, TBO spoke to British long jumper Jade Johnson about the interplay between the rights of sponsors and athletes.

Olympic Rights: Preventing an ambush


The IOC has a chance to come up with new advertising rules to address the grey area of official commercial sponsors’ and athletes’ rights during Rio 2016. TBO reports.

Alibaba Focus: New hope for right owners

China17-04-2015Ed Chatterton

The Chinese government is hoping that an increased emphasis on protecting IP, including on Alibaba Group’s websites, will help the country foster innovation. Ed Chatterton reports.

Alibaba Focus: E-commerce powerhouse triumphs in Russian trademark fight

Russia17-04-2015Igor Motsnyi

China’s Alibaba Group has successfully cancelled the Russian trademark registration for ‘Alibaba/Алибаба’, on the grounds that it has an interest in the mark. Igor Motsnyi reports.

How to tackle brandjacking

International17-04-2015Elisa Cooper

Brands need to recognise and respond to the increasing sophistication of the rogue trader’s mind. Elisa Cooper of MarkMonitor outlines some important tips.

Brand protection online: what you need to know

International15-04-2015Nick Wenban-Smith

The online world is rife with problems, meaning brand owners should monitor any potential dangers in order to protect their identity says Nick Wenban-Smith of Nominet.

The power of a poor review

US08-04-2015Marc Rachman and Brandie Lustbader

A bad—or good—online review can have a huge impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions, so brand owners need to be vigilant in addressing false reviews and misleading online review tactics, say Marc Rachman and Brandie Lustbader of Davis & Gilbert.

Social media and trademarks: making a hash of it

International, UK31-03-2015George Sevier and Dan Smith

What is the scope for registering social media hashtags as trademarks in Europe, and could trying to control the public’s use of hashtags actually be a bad idea? George Sevier and Dan Smith of law firm Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co take a look.

Showing 101 to 110 of 337 results

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