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Taylor Swift trademark applications: walking the line


Singer Taylor Swift has applied for several US trademarks that feature lyrics from her songs and has thereby sparked a flurry of interest from the media, including TBO.

Sandy Hook: fighting against social media trolls


More than two years after the Sandy Hook tragedy, the family of one of the victims has tried to trademark her name to combat fake social media profiles. But will this strategy work? TBO finds out more.

Alibaba triumphs in Russian trademark fight

Russia04-03-2015Igor Motsnyi

China’s Alibaba Group has successfully cancelled the Russian trademark registration for ‘Alibaba/Алибаба’, on the grounds that it has an interest in the mark. Igor Motsnyi reports.

Oscars special: And the winner is … piracy


Illegal downloads of movies reportedly increased by 385% worldwide after this year’s Oscar nominees were announced. TBO investigates.

New gTLDs: Room to grow

International, US02-03-2015Bob Samuelson

The first year of new gTLD availability has provided a promising snapshot of what’s to come in the revolution of online branding. Bob Samuelson of Donuts reports.

The URS: a breath of fresh air?

International02-03-2015Stuart Fuller

The Uniform Rapid Suspension system is a fast, cost-efficient legal mechanism for brand owners to fight cybersquatting, and it has a formal appeal process. Stuart Fuller of NetNames reports on its performance so far.

WIPO interview: Keeping the peace


WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center strives to provide quality services that benefit all stakeholders in the domain name system. Brian Beckham, head of the internet dispute resolution section, spoke to TBO about what’s in store for 2015.

Julia Reda interview: Uncharted waters


Harmonising and modernising copyright law that is well past its use-by date is the main aim of the Pirate Party’s sole representative in the European Parliament, Julia Reda. TBO speaks to her about her reasons for wanting the change.

Domain name theft: Knowing where to turn

International, US27-02-2015

Acme Billing’s pursuit of its allegedly stolen domain names through the courts highlights the lack of legal mechanisms available to brand owners whose website names have been hijacked. TBO reports.

Time to wise up: watch face designs and IP infringement


New technology is almost inevitably followed by new ways to infringe IP rights, and the arrival on the market of ‘smart’ watches is no exception. TBO investigates.

Showing 111 to 120 of 337 results

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