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Domain names: collision course

UK, US16-12-2014Jeanette Söderlund Sause and Su Wu

The name collision issue is a hot topic for trademark owners as the end of the 90-day advice period for a large number of new gTLDs is approaching. Jeanette Söderlund Sause and Su Wu of the Dot Global registry explain the next steps.

Bridging the digital divide

US16-12-2014Ben Crawford

The wider access to smartphones of people in developing economies is going to cause a further explosion in the use of the internet, and brand owners—and ICANN—need to stay on the case, argues Ben Crawford of CentralNic.

New gTLDs: when will be the tipping point?

UK16-12-2014Stuart Fuller

The growth in registrations of new gTLDs has been consistent but there still hasn’t been the compelling moment that leads to wide-scale adoption of the ideology of the new gTLDs. Stuart Fuller of NetNames asks why.

Viral marketing: out in the cold


An online campaign can take off and be all over the world in a very short time, so what factors should be considered when thinking about protecting IP? TBO investigates.

Harmless fun? Parody campaigns online

UK, US16-12-2014

Some activists have taken to impersonating companies online by creating false websites and identities. At what point does a bit of fun become an actionable legal issue, and what can targeted companies do to defend themselves? TBO finds out.

Anti-counterfeiting: the buck stops at ISPs


In a landmark decision, Cartier has become the first company to obtain a UK injunction against ISPs based on trademark infringement grounds. TBO reports.

’Tis the season to be careful


As the big brands wheel out their annual yuletide advertising campaigns, TBO investigates the potential IP pitfalls they may encounter.

The role of government in the name game

US27-11-2014Nick Wood

A sub-group of ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee wants to severely restrict the use of geographical names in domain names or trademarks, but this proposal must be vigorously opposed, says Nick Wood of domain name registrar Com Laude.

ICANN: the year ahead for the IPC

US27-11-2014Kristina Rosette

ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency expects to be tracking several key developments in 2015, including gTLD rights protection measures and Whois accuracy. The group’s president Kristina Rosette gives a preview of the likely workload in 2015.

Wyke Farms: a lasting impression


Making an enduring impression in the notoriously short-lived world of social media is arguably behind the success of Wyke Farms’s now-trademarked ‘Free Cheese Fridays’ campaign. TBO examines the implications for protecting the cheese maker’s IP.

Showing 131 to 140 of 337 results

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