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Marques 2014: protecting brands in a digital market

Denmark, UK, US23-10-2014

At the Marques conference in Copenhagen last month, Google, Nestlé and Lego were some of the brands on hand to provide top tips on protecting rights online and on social media. TBO provides a round-up of the best advice.

Branding headaches for alcohol manufacturers

UK, US23-10-2014

The internet presents many sophisticated ways for drinks companies to promote their brands but, as TBO finds, there is a fine balancing act between getting good exposure and protecting your IP.

The legality of parallel imports in India

India23-10-2014Safir Anand

Counterfeiting cases are rarely contested in court but the law on the legality of parallel imports is ambiguous and hotly contested in India, as Safir Anand reports.

New gTLDs: must try harder

UK01-10-2014Stuart Fuller

Since the new gTLD programme was introduced, brand owners’ pulses have hardly been racing. Stuart Fuller finds out why.

'Dot brand' registries: dragging their feet


Despite representing around a third of new gTLD applicants, very few brand owners have yet to take the plunge and launch their own registry. TBO finds out why.

PIPCU: the IP police


In the UK, a police unit dedicated to tackling IP crime has been making its mark, so TBO visited its headquarters to speak to Andy Fyfe, the recently departed chief, about the unit’s work and what the future holds.

Creative Content UK: education, education, education


In July the UK government announced it was going to start sending warnings to internet users who persistently download content illegally. TBO assesses the government's plan and whether it will have the desired effect.

Semantics: to affinity and beyond

US01-10-2014Bob Samuelson

The specificity of new gTLDs affords website owners something not possible in .com: memorable and meaningful names to which they and their users have a connection. Bob Samuelson reports.

Social media: first and funniest wins

Brazil, UK, US01-10-2014

Social media give companies an easy way of reaching legions of customers in a focused way. But what are the IP pitfalls for using this method of marketing, and can it ever rival traditional advertising? TBO investigates.

Online advertising: driving sales

Italy, UK, US01-10-2014

Promercials, ad exchanges and mini brand experiences are all part of the online advertising mix for Fiat. TBO reports on the car maker’s strategy.

Showing 141 to 150 of 337 results

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