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The domain name gold rush

01-05-2014Anthony Beltran

Although new generic top-level domains are coming thick and fast, brand owners shouldn’t forget about exploiting and protecting themselves in the existing addresses, as Anthony Beltran explains.

Is the domain name industry ready for radical inovation?

01-05-2014Andy Churley

Encouraging novelty is one of the driving forces behind the new gTLD programme, but that doesn’t mean the domain industry is ready for dramatic change just yet. Andy Churley investigates.

Empowering Africa

South Africa01-05-2014Neil Dundas

The .africa TLD presents a host of opportunities for the private and public sectors to participate in and celebrate Africa’s online growth, says Neil Dundas.

Filling the NTIA void

EU, US01-05-2014Flip Petillion

With the US government intending to transfer its control over the domain name system to the ‘global multi-stakeholder community’, ICANN may become even more powerful. But with increased power comes greater responsibility, as Flip Petillion explains.

Snapshot: Fleep


A new app released from digital start-up Fleep combines the fluidity of instant messaging with the ‘reply-all’ style of email. TBO spoke to founder and chief executive Henn Ruukel about starting a new app and building a brand.

A new era for China

China01-05-2014Edward Chatterton

Several changes to China’s Trademark Law will come into force on May 1, giving brand owners a short time to get to grips with them. Edward Chatterton explains the essentials.

Wirewax: shopping made easy

UK, US16-04-2014

Allowing viewers to click on and even buy a product in an online video enables brand owners to connect with their customers in increasingly interactive ways. TBO met Steve Callanan of Wirewax, a provider of this service.

ICANN in Singapore: the year ahead


MarkMonitor's Elisa Cooper reports on the hot topics at ICANN's March meeting.

China: a new landscape on the horizon


Candice Li and Joseph Simone explain some of the implications of the rise of online counterfeiting in China and the new Trademark Law on issues such as enforcement and bad faith registrations.

Vertical integration: recalibrating the domain name market


New gTLDs are here and shaking up the old world of registrars and registries, bringing new opportunities and challenges, as Stéphane Van Gelder explains.

Showing 181 to 190 of 337 results

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