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A refreshing change: when big brands rebrand


eBay is one of the most-recognisable online brands in the world. So why, after 17 years in business, did it decide to change its logo? TB&I finds out.

Are you protected? The Trademark Clearinghouse

01-12-2012Petter Rindforth

Under its new generic top-level domain programme, ICANN has set up the Trademark Clearinghouse to help assuage the concerns of trademark owners. Petter Rindforth takes a look at what the Clearinghouse will offer.

If it ain't broke . . .


The UDRP has functioned efficiently in a changing DNS landscape for more than a decade, and WIPO will most likely want to keep it that way even as its workload increases. TB&I reports.

Managing an agent network: technology, tips and tweaks

01-12-2012Larissa Best

How do we efficiently use an agent network that is vital for our business but fragmented into many pieces? Larissa Best has some suggestions.

Reaching the end user: migrating from .com to .brand


Kate Hutchinson looks at creating a strategy for domain migration, educating customers about new TLDs, and the advantages of using social media to promote and streamline the transition.

Snapshot: Wefunder


Wefunder is a US-based crowd funding platform that brings together start-ups with bright ideas and investors looking to make a profit. TB&I talks to co-founder Mike Norman about the business.

Social media: successfully navigating risk

China, US01-12-2012Ben Allgrove

Social media networks are growing by the day. For brands, this presents a clear opportunity, but there are pitfalls too. Ben Allgrove explains.

Start spreading the news

01-12-2012Bettina Krause

When using newsletters in email marketing, companies need to know what works legally and what doesn’t, as Bettina Krause explains.

The hills are alive -- with the sound of (illegally downloaded) music

01-12-2012Stuart Fuller

With Christmas on the horizon, online retailers are expecting a bonanza, but so too are counterfeiters. Stuart Fuller looks at how you can avoid falling victim.

Time to shine: .pw registry announces sunrise phase

01-12-2012Sandeep Ramchandani.

The .PW Registry invites brand holders worldwide to secure their trademarks during the Sunrise phase. Sandeep Ramchandani reports.

Showing 261 to 270 of 337 results

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