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On your marks: getting set for new gTLDs

US01-05-2012Kate Hutchinson

ICANN’s new gTLD programme opened for applications on January 12, 2012, and more than 100 organisations have already registered to apply for new domain extensions or ‘strings’.

Open window: an interview with Olof Nordling


While the new gTLD application window was open, TB&I spoke to ICANN’s director of services relations about what happens after the process is finished.

Preventive measures: getting in early in the fight against counterfeiting

01-05-2012Andy Churley

The internet has never experienced such a sophisticated and globally-integrated technological crime network as the one it faces today. Online criminals have new tools at their disposal and are more adaptable than ever.

Setting the scene: principles of domain name disputes

UK01-05-2012Eric Ramage

Many, but not all, domain name registries offer some form of alternative dispute resolution, the best known of which is ICANN’s UDRP, but there are others, as Eric Ramage explains.

Shaky ground: cracks in the gTLD application process


Those who were worried by uncertainties surrounding ICANN’s new gTLDs will have been further disturbed by apparent glitches in the application system. TB&I takes a look.

Speaking up: IPC fights for gTLD protection

01-05-2012Jonathan Cohen

In the rush to launch new gTLDs, many feel that IP concerns have been marginalised, but now’s the time to rally round, says Jonathan Cohen.

Taking a stand: tackling online infringement


IP infringement on the Internet continues to worry IP owners and professionals. WIPR takes a look at online advertising and how it can be targeted to help prevent infringement.

Protecting trademarks on the Internet: WIPO wades in

Switzerland01-02-2012Jürg Burger

In 2001, the assembly of the Paris Union for the Protection of Industrial Property and the general assembly of WIPO adopted the Joint Recommendation Concerning Provisions on the Protection of Marks and Other IP rights in Signs on the Internet.

Adwords: interacting with consumers

Canada01-01-2012Victoria E. Carrington

Canadian courts have so far demonstrated a relatively permissive approach to keyword advertising. Victoria Carrington explains.

Fighting back: tackling cybersquatters in Poland

Poland01-01-2012Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski

It is not always straightforward to deal with a ‘cybersquatter’, but in Poland, a raft of remedies is available. Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski take a look.

Showing 301 to 310 of 337 results

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