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Protection: doing more with less

International25-05-2016Elisa Cooper

The number of trademarks owned by corporate entities is increasing but the cash to defend their expanding portfolios is not. Elisa Cooper, vice president of marketing for Lecorpio, has some suggestions for protection on a budget.

The perils of policing online marketplaces

International18-05-2016Oliver Watson

Many large online marketplaces have taken some strides against counterfeiting, but have they gone far enough? Oliver Watson of Lewis Silkin investigates.

It started with a tweet

International11-05-2016Stuart Fuller

Its rise has been phenomenal: if we want to find out about something happening right now, we no longer search on Google, we ask Twitter, and brands need to be aware of its power, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Avoiding time-wasting at the UDRP

US04-05-2016Steve Levy

To get the best results from the UDRP, don’t underestimate the need to follow the process properly, says Steve Levy of FairWinds Partners.

Man in the middle: assessing the job for ICANN’s new chief

International27-04-2016Greg Shatan

Göran Marby has been chosen to succeed Fadi Chehadé as the new chief executive of ICANN. Greg Shatan, president of ICANN’s IP Constituency, tells us what Marby can expect.

Dealing with cybersquatting: the wisdom of thinking ahead

International, US13-04-2016David Weslow and Ari Meltzer

As the ways to misuse domain names continue to evolve, trademark owners should consider modernising their anti-cybersquatting practices to adapt to these changes, say David Weslow and Ari Meltzer of Wiley Rein.

Copyright and hyperlinking: confusion reigns in the EU


The Court of Justice of the European Union is set to rule on another case concerning copyright infringement and hyperlinking, and lawyers hope it can clear up the current confusion. TBO reports.

All together now: ‘block’

International06-04-2016Marc Rachman and Michael Silver

Retail trade associations haven’t yet followed their media brethren into the website blocking game to fight counterfeiters. Marc Rachman and Michael Silver of Davis & Gilbert discuss the reasons.

Why sports teams need to protect their brand value

International30-03-2016Stuart Fuller

Sports teams and organisations have an obligation to protect their fans—who are stakeholders just as commercial partners are—from IP abuse, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Insights into the world of ‘dot brands’

International23-03-2016Guillaume Pahud

Guillaume Pahud, co-founder of Dot Stories, an activation platform for 'dot brands', provides some analysis on the current state of play of this form of new gTLD.

Showing 41 to 50 of 337 results

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