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Black Friday or Blue Monday? Seven counterfeiting signs to monitor

International06-01-2016Simon Whitehouse

It has never been more important for shoppers to be extra cautious and keep in mind the risk of purchasing counterfeit, rather than genuine, goods online, says Simon Whitehouse, senior director, EMEA, at MarkMonitor.

Best year yet for ‘dot brands’

International22-12-2015Samantha Demetriou

Many more noteworthy brands across different industries have introduced their new domain name extensions in the past year. Samantha Demetriou of FairWinds Partners reports.

New gTLDS: a four-year review


The uptake of 'dot brand' gTLDs is slow, but brands are increasingly finding clever ways to take advantage of the opportunities presented, as Matthieu Crédou, chief marketing officer at Afnic, describes.

Fighting the fraudsters: combating fake reviews

International09-12-2015Stuart Fuller

Too many exclamation marks are one sign of a fake review says Stuart Fuller, director of communications at NetNames.

More change in store: review of ICANN 54

International, Ireland02-12-2015Matt Serlin

As we come to the end of 2015, the transitional situation surrounding ICANN and its members looks set to continue, says Matt Serlin of MarkMonitor.

Feeding discontent: what the rise of one gTLD means for brands


The .feedback gTLD provides a new way for consumers to comment on and criticise brands, but not everyone is convinced by its business model. TBO reports.

How do pirates really think?

International, US18-11-2015

A chance encounter with an illegal downloader provided food for thought on the attitudes of some pirates. Liam Maddock, director of operations at anti-piracy service DMCA Force, tells TBO what he learned from their conversation.

IP infringement in China: dispelling the ‘Wild West’ myth


A recent report said that 40% of products sold online in China were counterfeit or “sub-standard”, raising fears that brand owners still face major challenges in protecting their IP. However, as TBO examines, there are reasons to be optimistic.

Google Books: the act of transformation


The Google Books copyright infringement case yielded a surprising result and all eyes are now on the Supreme Court, says Hillel Parness of Parness Law Firm.

Reviews and endorsements online: Key legal watch-outs for brands

International28-10-2015Dan Smith and Mathilda Davidson

The rise of vloggers—video bloggers—has attracted the attention of brands. However, despite the benefits an internet celebrity can bring to a brand there are also dangers. Dan Smith and Mathilda Davidson of Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co discuss why now is the time for advertisers to make sure they have their houses in order.

Showing 61 to 70 of 337 results

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