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The dancing baby: three things you need to know

US21-10-2015J. Michael Keyes

The decision in Lenz v Universal partly hinged on whether copyright owners need to demonstrate a ‘good faith belief’ that use of their material is infringing. J. Michael Keyes of Dorsey & Whitney examines the implications.

Make it a crusade

International07-10-2015Stuart Fuller

A number of global brands have embarked on a strategy based on the moral aspect of counterfeiting, transforming the war against IP infringement into a crusade for all that is right and just. Their most loyal customers are the foot soldiers, says Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Tip of the iceberg: beneath the ‘surface web’

International, US07-10-2015Charlie Abrahams

Charlie Abrahams, senior vice president at brand protection company MarkMonitor, explains what can be done to prevent brand infringements on the dark side of the web.

Politics and IP: a tough balance

UK, US30-09-2015

Politicians, often under intense scrutiny, should be careful when asserting claims of IP infringement, even more so in the digital age. TBO reports.

Trademark parody: taking the mickey

International23-09-2015Miikka Timonen

Trademark parody is a form of art that everybody can relate to, and denying these parody artists would be a serious restriction of our freedom of expression, and also deny the world some hearty laughs. But it must be done with thought and care, says Miikka Timonen of TrademarkNow.

E-books: a sad tale of new territory for pirates

Germany, International16-09-2015Ulrike Grübler and Michael Schidler

The rise of e-books has led to a growing amount of pirated content, and there is not yet a consistent approach to fighting it, although progress is being made, say Ulrike Grübler and Michael Schidler of Bird & Bird.

Anti-Counterfeiting Group: fighting the good fight

International09-09-2015Phil Lewis

It is impossible to win the battle against illicit online traders, so raising public awareness is essential. In the UK, the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, which represents more than 140 multi-nationals, offers a variety of services to help fight fakes. Phil Lewis, of the ACG, reports.

How good is the Trademark Clearinghouse?

International02-09-2015Joel Vertes

ICANN has announced that it is looking for external providers to carry out an independent review of the TMCH. Joel Vertes of law firm Olswang assesses its performance so far.

Sweet smell of success

China26-08-2015Lee Macfarland

Local knowledge and boots on the ground led to the exposure of a counterfeit perfume operation in China, as Lee Macfarland of CBI Consulting reports.

Twitter’s balancing act


Twitter has a tough job of protecting IP rights while facilitating open discussion, and this year just 7% of trademark complaints have been upheld. TBO finds out why.

Showing 71 to 80 of 337 results

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