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Dealing with cybersquatting: the wisdom of thinking ahead

International, US13-04-2016David Weslow and Ari Meltzer

As the ways to misuse domain names continue to evolve, trademark owners should consider modernising their anti-cybersquatting practices to adapt to these changes, say David Weslow and Ari Meltzer of Wiley Rein.

Fighting the fraudsters: combating fake reviews

International09-12-2015Stuart Fuller

Too many exclamation marks are one sign of a fake review says Stuart Fuller, director of communications at NetNames.

Feeding discontent: what the rise of one gTLD means for brands


The .feedback gTLD provides a new way for consumers to comment on and criticise brands, but not everyone is convinced by its business model. TBO reports.

Reviews and endorsements online: Key legal watch-outs for brands

International28-10-2015Dan Smith and Mathilda Davidson

The rise of vloggers—video bloggers—has attracted the attention of brands. However, despite the benefits an internet celebrity can bring to a brand there are also dangers. Dan Smith and Mathilda Davidson of Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co discuss why now is the time for advertisers to make sure they have their houses in order.

Trademark parody: taking the mickey

International23-09-2015Miikka Timonen

Trademark parody is a form of art that everybody can relate to, and denying these parody artists would be a serious restriction of our freedom of expression, and also deny the world some hearty laughs. But it must be done with thought and care, says Miikka Timonen of TrademarkNow.

Has .sucks set a dangerous precedent?

International22-07-2015Flip Petillion and Stuart Fuller

The pricing model for the .sucks gTLD has caused concern for many brand owners, say Flip Petillion of Crowell & Moring and Stuart Fuller of NetNames.

Rolling back the years: ‘initial interest confusion’ returns


A US appeals court has ruled in a trademark dispute concerning search results on Amazon’s website that the rarely used doctrine of ‘initial interest confusion’ may apply to the case. TBO reports.

The rise of the Instagrammer


Sponsored photographs on Instagram present brands with both opportunities and risks, while unofficial endorsements may also cause them headaches. TBO reports.

Countering the Alibaba effect

International27-05-2015Jan Maarten Laurijssen

Alibaba Group platforms are often at the top of the list of brand-infringing e-commerce websites, says Jan Maarten Laurijssen of Pointer Brand Protection. Here are some tips for how brands can stay safe and detect infringements.

Case review: Starbucks (HK) v Sky

UK20-05-2015Jeremy Blum and Flora Greenwood

To establish goodwill for a trademark, it is vital to show that the product or service is provided to consumers in the UK and is not simply intended as advertising for a product or service provided elsewhere, as proven by the UK Supreme Court's recent judgment in Starbucks (HK) v Sky. Jeremy Blum and Flora Greenwood of Bristows discuss the case.

Showing 11 to 20 of 79 results

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