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Online advertising: driving sales

Italy, UK, US01-10-2014

Promercials, ad exchanges and mini brand experiences are all part of the online advertising mix for Fiat. TBO reports on the car maker’s strategy.

'Dot brand' registries: dragging their feet


Despite representing around a third of new gTLD applicants, very few brand owners have yet to take the plunge and launch their own registry. TBO finds out why.

Semantics: to affinity and beyond

US01-10-2014Bob Samuelson

The specificity of new gTLDs affords website owners something not possible in .com: memorable and meaningful names to which they and their users have a connection. Bob Samuelson reports.

New gTLDs: must try harder

UK01-10-2014Stuart Fuller

Since the new gTLD programme was introduced, brand owners’ pulses have hardly been racing. Stuart Fuller finds out why.

Cherry picking your gTLDs

US01-10-2014Rolf Larsen and Jeanette Söderlund Sause

Many brands don’t have the time to choose in which new gTLDs to register their names, but Rolf Larsen and Jeanette Söderlund Sause of Dot Global, a domain name registry, can help them wade through the list.

Innovation and you: introducing the .philips gTLD

Netherlands18-09-2014Ingrid Baele

The success of the new ‘dot brand’ gTLDs will largely depend on how well the first-mover adopters manage their domains and educate their customers, says Ingrid Baele.

'Dot brand' gTLDs: owning the territory

US18-09-2014Roland LaPlante

The new gTLD expansion has provoked some ‘so what?’ responses, so Roland LaPlante is here to discuss the main benefits of a ‘dot brand’ and review some important marketing trends.

Rebranding: new episodes in the YouView saga

UK22-08-2014Sharon Daboul

‘Yooview’, ‘Channel Me’ and ‘MyView’ are some of the potential new names for YouView TV should the internet TV service have to rebrand following two trademark cases, as Sharon Daboul explains.

Brand protection: turning buyers into allies

China, UK25-07-2014Stuart Fuller

A growing number of companies are battling counterfeiting by educating their customers on fake goods and the dangers they could bring, as Stuart Fuller explains.

Fake fashion: flattery or theft?

Canada, UK, US27-06-2014

Partnerships between fashion retailers and high-end designers, both online and on the high street, could help eliminate some of the incentive for consumers to buy counterfeit goods, although some in the industry remain sceptical. TBO investigates.

Showing 41 to 50 of 79 results

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