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Blurring the lines: IP in a virtual world


With the line between reality and online games becoming ever more fluid, new intellectual property challenges present themselves, as TB&I discovers.

The damage caused by blurring and tarnishment

International01-09-2013Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz

Dilution to a trademark may be caused by ‘blurring’ or ‘tarnishment’. The final effect is the same, but these two factors have distinct differences, says Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz.

Winning hearts and minds of brand owners

International01-09-2013Stuart Fuller

Brand owners should not miss out on the great opportunities presented by the new gTLD programme, says Stuart Fuller.

With bated breath: are brand owners ready for the new Internet?


As the launch of the first new generic top-level domains draws nearer, brands should be finessing their protection strategies now, as TB&I finds out.

When partnerships go bad: the Technisat case

Germany, Turkey01-08-2013Özlem Fütman

If a relationship between two companies turns sour, the fallout can be huge, as Özlem Fütman explains.

A one man band: protecting the Zippo brand


As general counsel at Zippo, Jeff Duke is in charge of a huge budget for protecting the lighter maker’s trademarks. WIPR finds out more about his work and why he applied for a new gTLD.

Fighting fires: online brand management

UK, US01-04-2013

Good crisis management should form a key part of any online branding strategy. TB&I looks at the lessons to be learned from some of 2012’s most high profile PR disasters.

Getting engaged: success stories from the social media front lines


From Nike’s Olympic efforts to Coca-Cola’s Facebook makeover, TB&I looks at some of 2012’s most creative online marketing campaigns.

Internet memes: copyright licensing in an IP minefield


Internet memes have become a popular marketing tool for companies such as Nike and McDonald’s for their quick and easy dissemination, cool factor and ‘stickiness’.

Showing 71 to 79 of 79 results

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