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ICANN approves gTLD data measure as GDPR looms


ICANN has approved a temporary solution for storing registration data in order to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

.sucks domain registry launches trademark awareness campaign


Domain name registry Vox Populi Registry has launched a new website to raise awareness of potential trademark infringement in the .sucks domain space.

English Premier League scores against pirates


England’s top level football league, the Premier League, has been successful in preventing an illegal streaming supplier from selling subscriptions, resulting in its liquidation.

Frisbee maker throws TM suit at counterfeiters


The brand responsible for the Frisbee has targeted a number of online counterfeiters in a trademark lawsuit filed last week.

Unilever triumphs in PG Tips domain case


Unilever, the owner of household brands such as PG Tips, has successfully recovered the domain name from an organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Danish court hands telecoms companies win over alleged pirates’ details


Two telecoms companies emerged victorious earlier this week when Denmark’s Eastern High Court ruled that the companies don’t have to hand over the details of alleged pirates. 

Alibaba anti-counterfeiting alliance triples in size


Alibaba’s anti-counterfeiting alliance has tripled in size since its inception in January 2017, with membership climbing to 105 brands.

Volkswagen and Audi take counterfeiters to court


Car makers Volkswagen and Audi have sued a number of online counterfeiters, accusing them of selling fake products which include vehicle parts and accessories. 

Europol investigations seize 20,000 fake goods from social media


More than 20,000 packages of counterfeit medicine, phones and accessories have been seized from social media platforms, according to Europol.

Verisign processed 9.6m domain names in Q1 2018


Domain name registry Verisign processed 9.6 million .com and .net domain names in the first three months of 2018, slightly more than the number processed during the same period in 2017 (9.5 million).

Showing 1 to 10 of 1410 results

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