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US indicts five for running alleged piracy operation


A US federal grand jury has indicted five men, based in four countries, who allegedly distributed stolen digital versions of numerous films and TV online before their official release date.

Virgin and Capitol claim copyright appeal win against ReDigi


Digital resale website ReDigi has lost its appeal in a copyright dispute with Capitol Records and Virgin Records.

Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes banned from YouTube


The YouTube account of Vice co-founder and Proud Boys creator Gavin McInnes has been banned from the platform for copyright infringement.

Chinese court to accept blockchain evidence from online writers


A court in China will begin accepting blockchain records from writers seeking to prove that they have copyright protection for their online material.

Google head of news asks EU to ‘fix’ copyright revisions


Google’s head of news has called on policy makers to fix what he calls “unintended consequences” of the EU’s proposed revisions to its copyright law.

Sci-Hub and LibGen domains blocked in Russia following copyright ruling


Research databases Sci-Hub and Library of Genesis had seven of their domains blocked in Russia last week after the Moscow City Court found the sites to have infringed copyright law.

ICE helps to seize more than one million domain names

International, US28-11-2018

More than one million copyright-infringing domain names involved in distributing counterfeit items have been seized in the past year, according to a release shared by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Monday, November 26.

Group representing Twitter and Google criticises Australia’s copyright plans


An industry group which represents organisations such as Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google has told an Australian Senate committee that the country’s plans to expand website blocking laws are “unprecedented and unnecessary”.

Google hits out at Australia’s site-blocking plans


Australia’s plans to strengthen its website blocking laws have been criticised by Google in a submission to a Senate committee dated Monday, November 19.

Article 13 is an ‘unrealistic’ approach to copyright: YouTube CEO


The CEO of YouTube has expressed concern about the European Parliament’s “unrealistic” approach to modernising copyright rules in the EU.

Showing 1 to 10 of 485 results

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