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Volkswagen and Audi target sellers of fake vehicle parts


German automakers Volkswagen and Audi have taken action against internet stores which have allegedly sold counterfeit vehicle parts and accessories to unsuspecting consumers.

Levi Strauss takes on internet store for TM infringement


Fashion brand Levi Strauss has taken on internet clothing shop Rip N Dip in a trademark infringement complaint relating to Levi Strauss’s ‘Tab device’. 

Vogue takes on ‘Black Vogue’ in trademark suit


Advance Magazine Publishers, the parent company of Vogue Magazine, has gone to war with a designer and activist who sells clothing featuring the words “Black Vogue” online. 

Links between social media and shoe counterfeits revealed


A new report from online brand protection company Red Points has warned about the use of social media to drive the sale of counterfeit shoes.

China’s new e-commerce law positive for IP protection, say lawyers


China’s new e-commerce legislation is a positive development in the country’s fight against IP violations and counterfeit distribution, according to lawyers.

China raises anti-counterfeiting pressure on e-commerce platforms


China has introduced legislation that will hold e-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba and Pinduoduo, jointly responsible for counterfeit goods sold by third parties on their site.

Adobe hits Florida man with software suit


Adobe Systems has accused a Florida man of “piratical” conduct after he “systematically” infringed the trademarks and copyright associated with the company’s computer software.

USPTO launches counterfeits competition


The US Patent and Trademark Office has launched a new competition to combat counterfeiting, centring on consumer education and deterrence.

Harley-Davidson grabs injunction against counterfeiters


Harley-Davidson has secured an injunction against counterfeiters that failed to respond to the motorcycle manufacturer’s trademark infringement lawsuit, filed earlier this year.

Dubai targets social networks in counterfeiting crackdown


The Dubai Department of Economic Development has this year shut down 4,879 social media accounts which were being used to sell counterfeit products.

Showing 41 to 50 of 333 results

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