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Counterfeit electrical goods spark concerns


One in three UK residents has accidentally purchased a counterfeit electrical item online, according to a new report.

EUIPO report highlights dangers of online counterfeits


A new report from the European Union Intellectual Property Office has revealed that the internet and social media are increasingly being used to benefit counterfeiters in the EU as a result of advertising revenue.

PIPCU seizes more than 2,000 counterfeits from UK address


The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has seized more than 2,118 items from a residential address in the UK, during a period of action against suspected online sellers of counterfeit goods.

Makeup or fakeup? Report says social media aids counterfeit cosmetics


The availability of counterfeit makeup products on social media has become “increasingly pervasive”, with 19.5% of surveyed online shoppers purchasing fake cosmetics online by mistake, according to new research.

Amazon and eBay targeted in FCC letter


A letter addressed to Amazon and eBay has accused the platforms of hosting “rogue” streaming devices which contribute to IP theft, copyright infringement, and consumer fraud.

Incopro raises $21m funding for online brand protection


Online brand protection company Incopro has raised $21 million in funding from equity investor Highland Europe for bolstering its efforts to track down IP infringers.

Frisbee maker throws TM suit at counterfeiters


The brand responsible for the Frisbee has targeted a number of online counterfeiters in a trademark lawsuit filed last week.

Alibaba anti-counterfeiting alliance triples in size


Alibaba’s anti-counterfeiting alliance has tripled in size since its inception in January 2017, with membership climbing to 105 brands.

Volkswagen and Audi take counterfeiters to court


Car makers Volkswagen and Audi have sued a number of online counterfeiters, accusing them of selling fake products which include vehicle parts and accessories. 

Europol investigations seize 20,000 fake goods from social media


More than 20,000 packages of counterfeit medicine, phones and accessories have been seized from social media platforms, according to Europol.

Showing 61 to 70 of 333 results

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