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Adidas and Reebok take action against 53 e-commerce sellers


Adidas and Reebok have filed a claim accusing 53 e-commerce sellers of trademark infringement, counterfeiting and unfair competition.

EUIPO launches anti-counterfeiting blockchain competition


The European Union Intellectual Property Office has launched a worldwide competition which aims to unlock the potential of blockchain to combat counterfeiting. 

European football leagues join forces in anti-piracy campaign

Belgium, Spain28-03-2018

Belgium’s Pro League and Spain’s LaLiga top tier football leagues have teamed up in an anti-piracy scheme.

Monster Energy Company takes on counterfeiters

China, US26-03-2018

Energy drinks maker Monster Energy Company has sued a number of alleged online counterfeiters based in China.

Counterfeit CD gang boss jailed after PIPCU investigation


The head of a gang that made more than £4 million through the sale of counterfeit CDs has been jailed.

Chanel files TM claim against vintage store


Chanel has brought a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement against a vintage store in New York, accusing the retailer of “piggybacking” on the reputation of luxury brands.

Tiffany awarded permanent injunction against counterfeiters


Jewellery and luxury goods brand Tiffany has secured a permanent injunction and damages against numerous online counterfeiters.

Amazon files multiple lawsuits in fight against counterfeiters


Amazon has stepped up its fight against counterfeiters after filing four joint lawsuits yesterday.

Amazon defends itself over claims of being ‘complicit’ with counterfeiters


E-commerce site Amazon has fired back at criticisms that it is “complicit” with counterfeiters.

Coach granted permanent injunction against gift shop


New York-based leather goods retailer Coach has been granted a permanent injunction and a default judgment against Ohio gift shop Mel’s Imagination.

Showing 71 to 80 of 329 results

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