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Spin Master cracks down on fake ‘Paw Patrol’ toys


Canada-based toy company Spin Master has cracked down on online counterfeiters over the sale of fake “Paw Patrol” toys.

IACC and sports leagues recommend countries for piracy watch list

China, US19-02-2018

An association of US sports leagues has recommended that the Netherlands and Switzerland be placed on the US Trade Representative’s (USTR) watch list in its “2018 Special 301 Report”.  

Delta presents gift card site with TM claim


Airline Delta has hit a website that buys Delta-branded gift cards and gift codes (eGifts) with a trademark infringement claim.

Lululemon strikes out at counterfeiters


Activewear brand Lululemon has hit a group of alleged online counterfeiters with a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Iron Maiden tackle online counterfeiters


Heavy metal band Iron Maiden have taken on internet counterfeiters, accusing them of infringing the ‘Iron Maiden’ trademarks. 

EU works on counterfeit watch list


The European Commission has revealed plans to create its very own piracy and counterfeit watch list and has launched a public consultation to solicit views. 

Internet law specialists weigh in on NAFTA

Canada, Mexico, US24-01-2018

Academic and legal professionals in internet law across the US, Canada, and Mexico have co-authored a letter urging their respective trade departments to ensure protection for internet businesses, as the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA is being renegotiated.

Canadian clothing company takes on online counterfeiters

Canada, China, US24-01-2018

Clothing company Canada Goose is suing unnamed defendants for trademark infringement.

Mötley Crüe merchandiser sues T-shirt company SunFrog


British brand merchandiser Global Merchandising Services has accused custom T-shirt designer SunFrog of trademark infringement, in violation of the Lanham Act.

PIPCU seizes £100k of fake clothing, urges consumers to shop savvy


The City of London’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has urged Christmas shoppers to be on the look-out for fake goods, just days after seizing £100,000 worth of fake luxury clothing.

Showing 81 to 90 of 329 results

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