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Online piracy "falls by half" in New Zealand

New Zealand01-09-2012

A movie industry body has claimed online piracy has fallen by half in New Zealand since the government implemented a three-strike copyright law in September 2011.

Jury poised to decide Apple and Samsung patent dispute


A US jury is waiting to decide the fate of Apple and Samsung’s high-profile patent dispute as the tech companies clash in a Californian court.

Google fights online piracy, removes infringing links


Copyright owners are increasingly demanding that Google removes links to allegedly pirated content, according to figures revealed in its Transparency Report in May.

Irish ISP can continue blocking Internet pirates


Ireland’s largest ISP, Eircom, can continue enforcing its ‘three-strike’ warning system for illegal downloading after the High Court overturned an order banning the scheme.

ICANN meeting: Chehade takes the reins


During the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) conference in Prague in June 2012 Fadi Chehade introduced himself as the organisation’s new chief executive and set out his priorities.

Dyson loses cybersquatting dispute at WIPO


Technology company Dyson has lost a dispute over a website that allegedly infringed one of its trademarks, despite the panellist making his decision with “considerable regret”.

Judge orders British ISPs to block The Pirate Bay


The UK’s High Court ruled in April that six British ISPs must block their users from accessing The Pirate Bay, a website hosting links to, mainly, copyrighted content.

Meerkat loses porn website dispute

Czech Republic14-06-2012

The owner of price-comparison website 'Compare The Market' has become the first business to lose a dispute over a .xxx domain name (covering adult content) that matches one of its brands.

Digital Economy Act delayed until 2014


Copyright owners have again been made to wait for new UK anti-piracy legislation, the Digital Economy Act, which will not be implemented until 2014 at the earliest.

US criticises China in Special 301 Report

China, Switzerland, US14-06-2012

The US government has highlighted China as a hotspot for Internet piracy in a report assessing 40 countries’ efforts to protect US citizens’ IP.

Showing 1621 to 1630 of 1656 results

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