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Citadel knocked back in domain name dispute


Financial institution Citadel has failed in its bid to have the domain name transferred from the registrant.

US online piracy suits hit record high in 2018


The number of lawsuits filed against alleged piracy file-sharing websites hit a record high in 2018, TorrentFreak reports.

UKIPO will continue to fund PIPCU beyond June 2019


The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has announced that the UK Intellectual Property Office will continue to fund the force beyond June 2019.

Popcorn Time facing lawsuit from film companies

Ukraine, US04-01-2019

The alleged operator of multi-platform service Popcorn Time, as well as a user of the website, are being sued by several film production companies for copyright infringement.

UK .eu registrants urged to consider domain name change

EU, UK04-01-2019

UK registrants of the .eu country-code top-level domain are being urged to consider an alternative domain or seek legal advice in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Founder of Chinese piracy website jailed


A Chinese court has sentenced the founder of an online piracy website to three years in prison for copyright infringement.

NZ Supreme Court to hear Kim Dotcom’s extradition appeal

New Zealand, US20-12-2018

The Supreme Court of New Zealand has agreed to hear Kim Dotcom’s appeal against earlier rulings which found that the Megaupload creator can be extradited to the US to face copyright charges.

Kickstarter campaign targeted over ‘Harry Potter’ copyright


A Kickstarter campaign that took inspiration from “Harry Potter” has been forced to change its name after being hit with a copyright claim by Warner Bros.

Chanel accuses 94 online entities of counterfeiting


French fashion brand Chanel has accused almost 100 (94) online entities of producing and distributing counterfeit goods through internet-based stores.

US indicts five for running alleged piracy operation


A US federal grand jury has indicted five men, based in four countries, who allegedly distributed stolen digital versions of numerous films and TV online before their official release date.

Showing 61 to 70 of 1601 results

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