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Multitude of streaming services leads to piracy: report


The volume of legitimate streaming services available to consumers may be contributing to an increase in piracy, according to “The Global Internet Phenomena Report”.

ACS and Elsevier sue website over scientific journals, again


The American Chemical Society and Amsterdam-based analytics company Elsevier have filed a copyright infringement complaint against ResearchGate, a professional network, over providing free access to published articles.

Alibaba requests removal of Taobao from Notorious Markets list


E-commerce company Alibaba has claimed that it doesn’t meet any “meaningful definition of a notorious market” so its subsidiary Taobao should be removed from the US Trade Representative’s 2018 Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets.

Volkswagen and Audi target sellers of fake vehicle parts


German automakers Volkswagen and Audi have taken action against internet stores which have allegedly sold counterfeit vehicle parts and accessories to unsuspecting consumers.

Levi Strauss takes on internet store for TM infringement


Fashion brand Levi Strauss has taken on internet clothing shop Rip N Dip in a trademark infringement complaint relating to Levi Strauss’s ‘Tab device’. 

Vogue takes on ‘Black Vogue’ in trademark suit


Advance Magazine Publishers, the parent company of Vogue Magazine, has gone to war with a designer and activist who sells clothing featuring the words “Black Vogue” online. 

Links between social media and shoe counterfeits revealed


A new report from online brand protection company Red Points has warned about the use of social media to drive the sale of counterfeit shoes.

California State Bar loses cybersquatting dispute at ADR Forum


California’s official attorney licensing agency has lost a cybersquatting dispute after it failed to prove ownership of trademarks that it claimed could be confused with the disputed domain name.

New Zealand TV provider calls for piracy site-blocking

New Zealand26-09-2018

New Zealand-based satellite TV provider, Sky Network Television, yesterday urged consumers to avoid pirated content online and called for the introduction of site-blocking.

Sunrise period for blockchain domain: two weeks remaining


The sunrise period for a new top-level domain which is set to run on the regulated internet as well as blockchain will end two weeks today, October 8.

Showing 71 to 80 of 1563 results

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