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Trump signs memo to stem online sale of fake goods


US President Donald Trump has signed a memorandum aimed at cracking down on the online sale of pirated and counterfeit goods.

Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance seizes $536m of fakes in 2018

China, UK, US03-04-2019

Alibaba’s Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance shut down 524 manufacturing and distribution locations in 2018, the conglomerate has said.

France to pass new online anti-piracy law this summer

EU, France03-04-2019

France’s culture minister has said there will be “no delay” in the implementation of the European Copyright Directive into French national law ahead of the two-year deadline set by the EU.

Benefit sues counterfeiters over fake cosmetics


San Francisco-based makeup brand Benefit has taken several unnamed counterfeiters to court over the sale of fake cosmetics.

Lawyer who sued over pornography copyright set for jail


A lawyer who sued thousands of people for copyright violations after they allegedly downloaded pornography that he planted on BitTorrent websites should be jailed for 12-and-a-half-years, the US government has said.

Gang arrested in Spain after Premier League piracy sting

EU, Spain27-03-2019

Spanish police have arrested five individuals after an investigation into pirate broadcasts of Premier League matches on a global streaming service.

IP experts urge EU to bin ‘misguided’ copyright plans


European academics specialising in IP have asked the EU to drop Article 11 (now Article 15 in the latest version) and 13 (now Article 17) of the proposed Copyright Directive.

Online platforms protest copyright directive ahead of final vote


Websites including Wikipedia, Reddit, Twitch and PornHub yesterday highlighted their concerns over the recently agreed European Copyright Directive.

Italy’s top court rules in major Yahoo takedown case

EU, Italy22-03-2019

A notice and takedown request does not have to include the URL of the infringing content, Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled.

Texas ISP denied safe harbour defence in DCMA trial


A US district court has ruled that Texas internet service provider Grande must proceed to a copyright infringement trial against a series of record companies without a safe harbour defence.

Showing 81 to 90 of 1673 results

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