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Sharing knowledge lawfully

US01-05-2014Kate Alzapiedi

Staff within many businesses share or reproduce copyrighted material in the course of every working day, unaware that its use is unauthorised. A broad licence is one solution, as Kate Alzapiedi explains.

Apple tops the brand charts


With only one non-tech company in Brand Finance’s 2014 top 10 valuable brands list, today’s winners are the ones that have monetised a good idea and reached customers speedily. TBO reports.

A rock or a hard place? The post-NTIA era


The NTIA has ruled out handing over to a government-led or inter-governmental organisation, but the US authorities hold all the cards, and can cling on until they see an acceptable proposal for the new regime, as TBO explains.

Cloud technology: high in the sky


Cloud-based services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive make it easy to share stored content with internet users all over the world. But this convenience presents opportunities for copyright infringement, whether intentional or unintentional, and who is liable? TBO investigates.

Status update: 'feeling copied'

UK, US01-05-2014

Deciding exactly what—and how—IP can be protected on Facebook or Twitter is a big challenge for trademark and copyright owners. TBO reports.

Should registries be the internet police?

France, UK01-05-2014

If a website is found to infringe a brand owner’s IP rights, how much liability can be laid at the registry’s feet? TBO looks at the interesting situation confronting Nominet, the .uk domain registry.

Fluid trademarks: keeping them watertight

UK, USA01-05-2014

Fluid trademarks offer a new way for brands to engage with their customers, but given their shape-shifting nature and short shelf life, protecting them with IP is not straightforward. TBO investigates.

Vertical integration: recalibrating the domain name market


New gTLDs are here and shaking up the old world of registrars and registries, bringing new opportunities and challenges, as Stéphane Van Gelder explains.

China: a new landscape on the horizon


Candice Li and Joseph Simone explain some of the implications of the rise of online counterfeiting in China and the new Trademark Law on issues such as enforcement and bad faith registrations.

ICANN in Singapore: the year ahead


MarkMonitor's Elisa Cooper reports on the hot topics at ICANN's March meeting.

Showing 161 to 170 of 318 results

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