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Wirewax: shopping made easy

UK, US16-04-2014

Allowing viewers to click on and even buy a product in an online video enables brand owners to connect with their customers in increasingly interactive ways. TBO met Steve Callanan of Wirewax, a provider of this service.

Snapshot: Webtrate


When playwright Will Little found his web browsing habits were affecting his work, he created Webtrate, an Internet-blocking program. TBO found out how he’s been promoting the motivational tool for writers.

Protective measures


Several tools are available to help brand and trademark owners protect their rights—and their consumers—in the expanded domain name system. Scott Austin, Thomas Barrett and Susan Payne describe how they work and how to use them.

The reluctance of rights owners

01-04-2014Ben Anderson

Trademark owners have been largely avoiding sunrise periods in the first new generic top-level domains to go live. NetNames’s Ben Anderson assesses why, and offers some tips on brand protection strategies.

How Cartier cancelled a rival Polish trademark

Poland01-04-2014Agnieszka Skrzypczak

The case of a challenged trademark turned on the assessment of similarity between it and the well known luxury brand’s mark, as Agnieszka Skrzypczak reports.

Measuring success in the new internet domains

01-04-2014Bob Samuelson

The new gTLDs have finally arrived, promising an era of innovation for the Internet’s global addressing system. The measure of success for this tectonic shift will lie not in raw numbers, but in how it improves the Internet experience for users, says Bob Samuelson.

Giving creators their fair share


The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers works to ensure the world’s artists and creators get their fair share of royalties. CISAC’s general counsel Gadi Oron tells TBO how it’s done.

gTLD Strategy Congress Preview

Hong Kong01-04-2014

Hong Kong is the host city for the Asia Pac Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress, from May 14 to 15. TBO looks at the main talking points and catches up with two of the event’s speakers.

Six seconds of fame


One of the newest social media, Vine allows users to upload a looping six-second video of their choice. TBO assesses the copyright and privacy concerns relating to the service.

Streaming ahead in the music industry

United Kingdom01-04-2014

As the way we listen to music undergoes a paradigm shift, TBO examines the viability of streaming services and the impact on copyright owners.

Showing 171 to 180 of 318 results

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