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Verisign: operating critical Internet infrastructure

01-04-2013Scott Courtney

The Internet has come a long way, but as it has grown so have the threats to its security, as Scott Courtney explains.

The new Mega: changing the face of file-sharing?

New Zealand01-04-2013

TB&I talks to Mega CEO Vikram Kumar about how the offspring of the notorious cyberlocker aims to keep file-sharing above board.

Snapshot: ArtSpotter


ArtSpotter is an Internet ‘smart map’ that invites users to share their art discoveries using social networks. TB&I spoke to founder Raphaëlle Heaf about the site.

Holding the line: effective IP protection in Turkey

Turkey01-04-2013Ayla Oktar and Salih Oktar

Efficient customs actions at Turkish borders play a key role in the global combat against counterfeits in transit, and rights holders have a big part to play. Ayla Oktar and Salih Oktar report.

Get your house in order! Wake up your trademark to the new sunrise

01-04-2013Daniel Greenberg

Trademark owners and their attorneys need a new gTLD strategy to help them navigate the chaos that will shortly hit the Internet, says Daniel Greenberg.

Fighting fires: online brand management

UK, US01-04-2013

Good crisis management should form a key part of any online branding strategy. TB&I looks at the lessons to be learned from some of 2012’s most high profile PR disasters.

Drawing the battle lines for the new Internet world

01-04-2013Stuart Fuller

Brand owners cannot afford to ignore the new domain name revolution heading our way this summer, and unregistered or dropped domains could provide a way in for cybersquatters. Understanding how and when to protect trademarks is the question of the day.

Domain names: another industry that's crying wolf?

01-04-2013Stuart Fuller

With the first delegations of new generic top-level domains just weeks away, Stuart Fuller looks at how to avoid being left behind, and whether the new programme will be the cataclysmic shock many are predicting.

Domain name dispute resolution: an Indian perspective


In the context of ever-increasing premiums for important domain names, the differences between the Indian dispute resolution policy and international norms are a cause for concern, as Pravin Anand and Raunaq Kamath explain.

Well covered: domain names and trademarks in Poland

Poland01-03-2013Marta Skrobot

Recent Polish trademark cases concerning the status of domain names have been solved in favour of brand owners, as Marta Skrobot explains.

Showing 221 to 230 of 318 results

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