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Snapshot: Deezer


Deezer is a music streaming service with a unique business model that aims to change the way we listen to music. TB&I spoke to Deezer UK’s managing director, Mark Foster.

Protective strategies: IP and new gTLDs


Most discussion about rights protection mechanisms under the new gTLD programme has focused on the mandatory measures, but several individual registries are providing their own forms of defence, as TB&I finds out.

New gTLDs: is ICANN watching brand owners' backs?

01-03-2013Susan Prosser

With the first gTLDs expected to launch in the first half of this year, Susan Prosser takes a look at the IP protections afforded by the new system.

New gTLD Congress preview


The Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress will be held in New York City from March 11 to March 12. TB&I looks at the potential highlights.

It's in the game: how EA tackles piracy


Electronic Arts is one of the most successful video games publishers on the planet, but with that success comes a sustained piracy threat. Now the company is fighting back, as TB&I finds out.

Is cybercrime seasonal? Why online scammers love Valentine's Day

01-03-2013Andy Churley

Like the rest of us, cybercriminals love public holidays and festivals. But as Andy Churley explains, they have very different reasons to look forward to certain times of the year.

Internet memes: copyright licensing in an IP minefield


Internet memes have become a popular marketing tool for companies such as Nike and McDonald’s for their quick and easy dissemination, cool factor and ‘stickiness’.

Getting engaged: success stories from the social media front lines


From Nike’s Olympic efforts to Coca-Cola’s Facebook makeover, TB&I looks at some of 2012’s most creative online marketing campaigns.

A changing landscape: copyright in Cyprus

Cyprus01-03-2013Ermioni Pavlidou

Copyright is Cyprus has come a long way towards harmony with international standards, but there are still some anomalies, says Ermioni Pavlidou.

Understanding the Trademark Clearinghouse

01-02-2013Ben Anderson

The debate over the proposed changes to the Trademark Clearinghouse model, known as the ‘straw man solution’, is intensifying. Ben Anderson looks at the best way to cut through the confusion.

Showing 231 to 240 of 318 results

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