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Approaching the finish line: ICANN


TB&I spoke to ICANN chief operating officer Akram Atallah about the timeline for new gTLDs and what still needs to be done.

Who's who?

01-12-2012Susan Prosser

Whois searches enable users to establish who owns, or controls, what on the Internet. Susan Prosser of DomainTools brings TB&I up to date on how it works.

Who are you? Developing an online identity

01-12-2012Scott Schnell

Scott Schnell of Verisign gives TB&I an insight into how businesses can best use the Internet as a resource to develop their bottom lines.

Up in the air: the implications of gTLDs

US01-12-2012Jonathan Cohen

While the new gTLD programme continues apace, the outcome of many things is still uncertain, as Jonathan Cohen explains.

Under pressure: protecting IP at the BBC


The BBC is used to dealing with threats to its intellectual property. And as Diane Hamer, a trademark lawyer at the corporation, tells TB&I, those threats are on the increase.

Trademark RPMs: what do they mean for you?

01-12-2012Petter Rindforth

The new generic top-level domains require a lot of trademark protection work. Petter Rindforth explains.

Time to shine: .pw registry announces sunrise phase

01-12-2012Sandeep Ramchandani.

The .PW Registry invites brand holders worldwide to secure their trademarks during the Sunrise phase. Sandeep Ramchandani reports.

The hills are alive -- with the sound of (illegally downloaded) music

01-12-2012Stuart Fuller

With Christmas on the horizon, online retailers are expecting a bonanza, but so too are counterfeiters. Stuart Fuller looks at how you can avoid falling victim.

Start spreading the news

01-12-2012Bettina Krause

When using newsletters in email marketing, companies need to know what works legally and what doesn’t, as Bettina Krause explains.

Social media: successfully navigating risk

China, US01-12-2012Ben Allgrove

Social media networks are growing by the day. For brands, this presents a clear opportunity, but there are pitfalls too. Ben Allgrove explains.

Showing 241 to 250 of 318 results

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