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Snapshot: Wefunder


Wefunder is a US-based crowd funding platform that brings together start-ups with bright ideas and investors looking to make a profit. TB&I talks to co-founder Mike Norman about the business.

Reaching the end user: migrating from .com to .brand


Kate Hutchinson looks at creating a strategy for domain migration, educating customers about new TLDs, and the advantages of using social media to promote and streamline the transition.

Managing an agent network: technology, tips and tweaks

01-12-2012Larissa Best

How do we efficiently use an agent network that is vital for our business but fragmented into many pieces? Larissa Best has some suggestions.

If it ain't broke . . .


The UDRP has functioned efficiently in a changing DNS landscape for more than a decade, and WIPO will most likely want to keep it that way even as its workload increases. TB&I reports.

Are you protected? The Trademark Clearinghouse

01-12-2012Petter Rindforth

Under its new generic top-level domain programme, ICANN has set up the Trademark Clearinghouse to help assuage the concerns of trademark owners. Petter Rindforth takes a look at what the Clearinghouse will offer.

A refreshing change: when big brands rebrand


eBay is one of the most-recognisable online brands in the world. So why, after 17 years in business, did it decide to change its logo? TB&I finds out.

Trademark databases: an insider's view

01-09-2012Larissa Best

Having made 42 online trademark databases available to the industry on the search management tool Inspiro and on its website, Avantiq has proved its experience in the trademark database field. Larissa Best explains.

Towards better brand protection

01-09-2012Mark Calandra

Several changes to the Internet landscape over the past year have brought new challenges for brand owners, as Mark Calandra explains.

The Pinterest love triangle

01-09-2012Helma van de Langenberg is the newest visual social networking website on the block. But for many brand owners it poses as many threats as it does opportunities, as Helma van de Langenberg explains.

The IP Summit: a two-pronged approach

01-09-2012Premier Cercle

The pan-European Intellectual Property Summit returns for its fifth year, and this time it has grown from two to four days across two different countries, as Premier Cercle, the co-organiser, explains.

Showing 251 to 260 of 318 results

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