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The block busters

Italy, Netherlands, UK01-09-2012

Despite several courts ordering ISPs to block access to sites suspected of promoting online piracy, it’s not hard for users to get around the barriers. TB&I asks where to next for rights owners?

The art of IP protection


TB&I talks to Claudia Andrieu, head of legal affairs at the Picasso Administration, about the challenges of protecting possibly the greatest artistic legacy of the 20th century.

Staying one step ahead in the digital world

UK, US01-09-2012Stuart Fuller

The Internet has changed every facet of our lives, and brands must change with it, says Stuart Fuller.

Snapshot: Groupon

Ireland, UK, US01-09-2012

Since its launch in the US in 2008, Groupon has quickly grown into a successful online group buying platform. TB&I talks to its UK arm about how the business works.

Resolving string contentions in the new gTLD programme

US01-09-2012Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan Cohen provides an update on the new gTLDs, and explains how the problem of strings with multiple applicants can be effectively resolved.

Out of line: protecting trademarks on the Internet

01-09-2012Petter Rindforth

The online environment needs to be a key consideration when developing brands and slogans, says Petter Rindforth.

Knowing your enemy: cybersquatting and new gTLDs

US01-09-2012Stéphanie Lacroix

With the arrival of new gTLDs, brands will have to be ever more watchful for online infringers, as Stéphanie Lacroix explains.

Fighting the good fight against online brand fraud

US01-09-2012Susan Prosser

Cyber attacks against your brand can be very damaging and costly to both your revenue and your reputation. Susan Prosser shows how you can resist, with the right tools.

Clearing the way: trademark protection and new gTLDs


As part of its new gTLD programme, ICANN has committed to establishing a Trademark Clearinghouse for protecting intellectual property rights. TB&I talks to Jan Corstens and Vicky Folens of Deloitte about the details.

Champagne moments: defending drinks brands


Protecting premium drinks brands online requires a proactive approach to infringement and a commitment to responsible promotion. TB&I spoke to Susan Gustafsson, general counsel at Pernod Ricard’s champagne and cognac division, Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët.

Showing 261 to 270 of 318 results

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