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Like a rolling stone: should ACTA be stopped?


The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has been the subject of protests and demonstrations in cities across the world. TB&I asks what all the fuss is about.

ISPs and online piracy

01-05-2012Bartłomiej Kochlewski and Maria Jurek

It sometimes seems as if copyright holders are fighting an impossible war against online piracy, and recent court judgments may not make things any easier, say Bartłomiej Kochlewski and Maria Jurek.

How social are your brands?

01-05-2012Kimberly Wahl

Social media platforms have grown explosively over the past few years, transforming our expectations of how organisations connect with their customers, build product awareness and cement brand loyalty.

Evicting the squatters: alternative approaches

Canada, Sweden01-05-2012Petter Rindforth

As savvy squatters continue to test brand owners, Petter Rindforth explores alternatives for dealing with them.

Clearer waters: Rosetta Stone v Google continues

US01-05-2012Vanessa Hew and Terry Parker

Google’s AdWords programme has been the subject of significant litigation in federal courts. One recent case has brought some much-needed clarity to the situation. Vanessa C. Hew and R. Terry Parker report.

At the frontier of tackling online counterfeits

Mexico01-05-2012Xavier Hadad Rojas

The question of how to monitor and deal with online counterfeiting is a tricky one for brands and law enforcement agencies alike, as Xavier Rojas explains.

A question of search: SEO considerations for gTLDs

01-05-2012Ludvik Høegh-Krohn

New gTLDs constitute a step into the unknown, not least because no-one knows how search engines will treat them, as Ludvik Høegh-Krohn reports.

Taking a stand: tackling online infringement


IP infringement on the Internet continues to worry IP owners and professionals. WIPR takes a look at online advertising and how it can be targeted to help prevent infringement.

Protecting trademarks on the Internet: WIPO wades in

Switzerland01-02-2012Jürg Burger

In 2001, the assembly of the Paris Union for the Protection of Industrial Property and the general assembly of WIPO adopted the Joint Recommendation Concerning Provisions on the Protection of Marks and Other IP rights in Signs on the Internet.

Treading carefully with others' trademarks

01-01-2012Alysson H. Oikawa

There are very few clear lines surrounding the use of another’s trademark in online keyword advertising. But in Brazil, companies have definite routes for addressing potential infringement. Alysson Oikawa explains.

Showing 281 to 290 of 318 results

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