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Snapshot: Fleep


A new app released from digital start-up Fleep combines the fluidity of instant messaging with the ‘reply-all’ style of email. TBO spoke to founder and chief executive Henn Ruukel about starting a new app and building a brand.

Snapshot: Webtrate


When playwright Will Little found his web browsing habits were affecting his work, he created Webtrate, an Internet-blocking program. TBO found out how he’s been promoting the motivational tool for writers.

Snapshot: Backupify


Backupify allows app users to back up information they save to the cloud. TB&I spoke to chief executive Rob May about how it works.

Snapshot: trustev

International, Ireland01-09-2013

Ireland-based startup Trustev checks patterns in Internet user behaviour to verify consumer identities and catch fraudsters in online transactions. TB&I spoke to chief marketing officer Donal Cahalane about how it protects the brand, and its users’ information.

Snapshot: ArtSpotter


ArtSpotter is an Internet ‘smart map’ that invites users to share their art discoveries using social networks. TB&I spoke to founder Raphaëlle Heaf about the site.

Snapshot: Deezer


Deezer is a music streaming service with a unique business model that aims to change the way we listen to music. TB&I spoke to Deezer UK’s managing director, Mark Foster.

Snapshot: Wefunder


Wefunder is a US-based crowd funding platform that brings together start-ups with bright ideas and investors looking to make a profit. TB&I talks to co-founder Mike Norman about the business.

Snapshot: Groupon

Ireland, UK, US01-09-2012

Since its launch in the US in 2008, Groupon has quickly grown into a successful online group buying platform. TB&I talks to its UK arm about how the business works.

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Showing 1 to 8 of 8 results

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