Adidas sues 31 internet stores over fakes


Adidas sues 31 internet stores over fakes

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Adidas has sued 31 different online stores allegedly selling counterfeit versions of its goods.

The complaint was filed at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida yesterday, August 17.

The anonymous defendants were accused of running internet-based businesses “amounting to nothing more than illegal operations established and operated in order to infringe the IP rights of plaintiffs”.

A search of the named defendants’ seller IDs shows various online stores selling a range of sporting apparel such as the Mercurial Adidas football boots and also other brands such as Nike.

The complaint added that the defendants “either reside or operate in foreign jurisdictions, or redistribute products from the same or similar sources in those locations”.

Adidas owns a variety of trademarks, including US registration number 2,411,802 for the three-stripe logo and 0,891,222 for the Adidas name.

It is seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction, an order requiring the seller IDs to be disabled, a transfer of profits, damages and attorneys’ fees.

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