Adult entertainment site takes action over illegal downloading


Adult entertainment site takes action over illegal downloading

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Adult entertainment website Strike Holdings has filed a copyright infringement complaint against an IP address it has accused of “stealing works on a grand scale” through BitTorrent.

The complaint was filed at the US District Court for the Northern District of California, Oakland Division, on Tuesday, October 17.

The IP address links to a location in Emeryville, California, and is listed as having AT&T as its internet service provider (ISP). It was accused of infringing 41 movies over an extended period of time.

“Although defendant attempted to hide this theft by infringing plaintiff’s content anonymously, defendant’s ISP can identify defendant through his or her IP address,” the complaint read.

Strike Holdings is seeking injunctive relief and damages.

Antonelli Law, which describes itself as a BitTorrent copyright defence group, reported earlier this month that Strike Holdings was obtaining names and IP addresses of people downloading content and filing lawsuits across the US.

Some of the lawsuits were seeking upwards of $150,000 plus attorneys’ fees and costs.


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