Adult film company files piracy claims against individuals


Adult film maker Malibu Media, reportedly the biggest filer of copyright lawsuits in the US, has filed a series of claims against alleged pirates.

On Monday, January 1, Malibu Media filed seven suits at the US District Court for the District of Connecticut.

The defendants were listed by their IP addresses.

“Based upon experience filing over 1,000 cases, the geolocation technology used by plaintiff has proven to be accurate to the district level in over 99% of the cases,” the complaints said.  

According to the claims, the defendants illegally distributed copyrighted films through BitTorrent’s file distribution network.

In one of its claims, Malibu Media said that its evidence establishes that the defendant is a “habitual and persistent” BitTorrent user and copyright infringer.

The adult film maker is seeking to permanently enjoin the defendants from continuing to infringe and an order to permanently remove the files from their computers.

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